The Robot Joke Book!

A Message From The Creators

From father to son we pass down the hard won knowledge we have gained… and in lieu of that we try to pass on a few jokes that might make them chuckle. A few years back my youngling (sorry– but that’s what we’re doing)… would beg me for a new robot joke every night before he would go to sleep. While this was at first a fun daily challenge, after hundreds of nights it grew into an exhaustive exercise which ceased to delight him and just gave me a huge headache. But though we grew weary of the simple game we also grew more determined to not let it die… references got stranger and explanations more complicated. We descended into madness and insanity… but we persevered. AND mostly we laughed… at the insanity yes, but also right in the face of the Gods and at our own feeble mortality. And I think by the end of it all… learned something? Who knows. ANYWAY, buckle up and prepare to take that ride with us as we share The Robot Joke Book with you… right now.

I’ve been pitched a lot of robot joke books: that’s just Hollywood. When Donick told me over coffee that he and his son had laughed at the expense of mechanical beings over hundreds (maybe thousands?) of jokes, I was like “Yeah, I’ve heard this before, what makes THIS so special?” I wake up with my face flat on the table, lava-hot dark roast fully up my nose. I asked Donick what happened and apparently I’d fainted when presented with a list of robo-zingers. I’d been pitched robot joke projects before, sure, but The Robot Joke Book was more than my constitution could handle. I agreed to join him in showing the world what this was all about, under one condition: We couldn’t risk making people pass out like I had. We agreed to release these joke-by-joke, silly cartoon-by-silly cartoon, everything in moderation. If you don’t drown in your coffee from how hilarious these jokes are, maybe you’ll giggle, then while distracted, tumble down the same mountain of insanity that we have.

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