The Virus-Tunity

So literally everyone I know — like maybe 1,000,000 people or so — are asking me: how do I avoid scams and price gouging during the virus or as some merchants see it — the virus-Tunity. Well I’ll do my best — this flyer today from target is a good example of something to look out for. Sure the basketball is $300 dollars off. So that seems good. But then you have to think maybe that $599 price tag is a little “gougey” to start with. I mean I normally get basketballs for $200 maybe $250. But I know that’s Pre virus ( “pv” to simplify) Anyway now that we are post virus (also “pv” to simplify) it’s a whole new ballgame. In this case basketball game. Okay so here’s the scam — they knock off $300 on the ball — you probably buy a couple cause you know your gonna ball a lot pv… then as you exit you pass that ketchup deal and you lose your mind — 2 for six dollars! I’ve always valued 2 bottles of catchup as roughly the same as one basketball — pv that is. But now that we are the other pv things are getting interesting. Anyway I grab ten pv basketballs worth of catchup (which is 1000 bottles of catchup) And laugh my way all the way to the bank. Because hot tip in a few weeks catchup will officially be currency. Stay tuned. Anyway a couple other “deals” to watch out for — the bathtub thing is a scam because who is buying a tub right now!? I mean we’re days away form using catchup as currency. And then this Disney slipper thing is the last thing I’ll tell u to keep an eye out for because—. You totally gotta get one. So beautiful. It also cures corona virus #longdayatthehouse #icantbelievetheyownthesimpsonsandmarvelandstarwars


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