Donick’s Corona Playlist

My wife, Kim Huffman Cary, who isn’t really “mine”… that is — I don’t OWN her… she owns herself — I’m just married to her… if anything She is HER wife… BUT the point is… the lady I am married to, Kim Huffman Cary, made an excellent Coronavirus playlist on Spotify. Check it out. It is HER playlist… she owns it… even though we have a family account… so it’s kind of all of ours… but I don’t want to get into that here (IM if you want more details on how our account is set up)… The point is I started to suggest some songs to her for her playlist and she said “Maybe you should make your own playlist” and I thought… “Hey, maybe I should make my own playlist!” So here’s MINE… I own it. And I love it. Maybe so much I should marry it. But, sorry ladies and this playlist, I am taken. It kind of plays out in a story… enjoy…

“Corona” – Minutemen
“Sittin’ Round at Home” – Buzzcocks (special shout out to 13 year old Rob Mooney)
“Sitting on My Sofa” – The Kinks
“TV Party” – Black Flag
“Life During Wartime” – Talking Heads
“Catch My Disease” – Ben Lee (If you don’t know Ben Lee – please investigate his many moods and cds… he’s one of the good ones.)
“Infected” – Bad Religion
“Love Like Anthrax” — Gang of Four
“Sick Boys” — Social Distortion
“Sick City Sometimes” — Buzzcocks
“Take Me Down to the Hospital” – Replacements (Bored? Trying screaming along with this one. It feels pretty good.)
“Hospital” — Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers
“Chills and Fever” — Tim Armstrong cover of Ronnie Love (Hot Virus tip: get out your guitar and dial up a link to a bunch of Tim Armstrong and or Tim Timebomb cover songs – then play along and pretend you’re in the band. This works whether you are 6 or 60.)
“Fever” – The Black Keys
“Fever” – Peggy Lee or or Little Willie John or The Cramps or even Elvis! — ALL GOOD!
“Periodically Double or Triple” – Yo La Tengo (featured in the new film Have a Good Trip: adventures in Psychedelics” coming to Netflix May 11 we think.)
“Nausea” – X
“Nausea” – Beck (kind of doing a Jim Morrisson thing here)
“Panic” – The Smiths
“Ghost Town” – The Specials
“Lost in the Supermarket” – The Clash
“Dog Food” — Iggy Pop (Iggy has so many songs that fit this playlist… … I’m Bored… No Fun… I’m Sick of you… I mean, I think he knows something we don’t. He might have had Corona back in 69’)
“So Lonely” – The Police (Don’t Stand So Close to Me is so perfect … but I really didn’t like this era of the Police… da doo doo doo era… hot for teacher – somebody is watching me or whatever that video was… c’mon guys? I really loved the era before this… but then something happened… was it cocaine? Or egos? MTV? )
“Dancing with Myself” -Billy Idol (sorry… he’s both corny and amazing)
“Waiting for the End of the World” — Elvis Costello
“Until the End of the World” – U2 (This might be my favorite U2 song ever. Weird right? It’s not really like any other U2 songs. From the Until the End of the World Soundtrack. So good. And the movie is kinda right for now too I think. But it’s been like 25 years since I saw it.)
“It’s the End of the World as We Know it” – R.E.M. (It deserves a place on EVERY playlist made right now)

Classic Rock Double D Tangent (Doors/Dead) if you’re in the mood, if not skip to “Home Stretch” – believe me I get it… this stuff ain’t for everyone… it’s powerful stuff… but it definitely IS for some:

“The End” – The Doors
“Ship of Fools” – The Grateful Dead
“Ship of Fools” – The Doors
“Ship of Fools” – World Party (a short break in midst of Double D Tangent)
“Hell in a Bucket” – The Grateful Dead
“Touch of Grey” – The War on Drugs Cover of Grateful Dead

Then home stretch…

“Days” – Elvis Costello Kinks Cover OR Kinks Both work
“The Future” – Leonard Cohen (He’s also got about ten songs that fit this moment… Waiting for a Miracle is spot on. BUT I mean shit, The Future… this song gives me chills every time I here it. It nails everything, every time.)

Bonus Extra Credit: “Praying Hands” by Devo (This might seem like a song about masturbation and/or blindly following religion … but it’s MAINLY about washing your hands! So timely and important. Thank you Devo)


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